Richmond Ballet‘s New Works Festival is starting its second and final week! It runs through this Sunday, April 14th. The festival brings new dance works from four innovative contemporary choreographers: Starrene Foster, Sasha Janes, Darrell Moultrie, and Amy Seiwert. Richmond Arts Review asked each choreographer to answer a few questions. This is the final installment, with responses from Starrene Foster. Foster is a graduate of the Dance and Choreography Department of Virginia Commonwealth University and the Artistic Director of Starr Foster Dance Project.

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Starrene Foster

Starrene Foster

RAR: What, if any, new directions is ballet taking?

SF: Ballet is definitely expanding and choreographers are taking greater risks, becoming more bold, and exploring extensively with music and the movement vocabulary. This new direction results in a very diverse and exciting shift.


RAR: What are your most powerful non-dance/non-music creative influences or inspirations?

SF: I am greatly influenced by human interaction and how we respond to each other on both a physical and emotional level. My greatest inspirations evolve from conversations we have with one another to stories people share about family or personal relationships. I find it essential to create work that provokes thought and emotion; whether it connects with recent or past experiences or stimulates new ideas.


RAR: What is the biggest lesson you’ve gleaned from your recent experience choreographing with Richmond Ballet for the New Works Festival?

SF: My experience working with the Richmond Ballet has reminded me that creating a new work is an absolute collaboration. Even though I provide the choreography, the dancers take on the responsibility to create a cohesion and make the vision vital. The Richmond Ballet dancers are notably dedicated and plunge themselves into the learning process, which truly makes my job fluent and gratifying.


RAR: Do you dance in your sleep dreams?

SF: Of Course! Doesn’t everybody? I have a special book full of ideas that resulted from dreams (some possible and some quite impossible) that I keep at my bedside.