InSight: Pratt & Anderson

Go see these two exhibitions on the same day. Maybe get some coffee. Make an event of it. Ghostprint Gallery hosts figurative paintings by George Pratt in Past Present, and Red Door Gallery offers a series of landscape paintings from Brooks Anderson with Northern California Coast, through April 28th. Both artists have a painterly style, brushstrokes articulating light and color to capture the gaze’s instant.

Pratt, also an international graphic novelist and filmmaker, and teacher at Ringling College of Art & Design, gives a contemporary edginess to that beloved Impressionist vision.

George Pratt, “Haylee”, oil on panel, 12 x12”

Anderson’s grand California vistas speak the language of Ansel Adams, with a stroke of pastel in the strangest but most vibrant places, as if the sun is going up or down wherever he sees.

Brooks Anderson, “Altamont No.1″

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